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MOWAG Piranha V Armored Personnel Carrier | Military

The Piranha V is the latest and most protected vehicle of the Piranha line It is a further development of the previous Piranha IV The new armored vehicle was revealed in 2010 Monaco was the first operator of the Piranha V Two of these armored vehicles were delivered to Monaco in around 2015..

Acide Piranha

Dec 17, 2017· Attention cette expérience est dangereuse !!! Ce type d'acide est bien pratique pour décaper des piéces rouillées ou graver des PCB (trés rapide) Ça peut aussi dépanner quand on casse un ...

Mowag Piranha V

The Piranha V Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is one variant of the fifth generation of the Mowag Piranha family of vehicl It was designed by General Dynamics European Land Systems - Mowag ..