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smasher skill build level 60 cap,Sephs Majesty Guide 10062016 0217 PM I transferred my guide to Google Docs to make it easier for me to edit considering these new forums have image and character limits Updated builds to 93 cap Updated skill descriptions to reflect latest class changes Updated skill rotation section Smasher aka War Mage Nico Destroyer..

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Dragon Nest - 60 Cap Smasher PVP build - MovieAndVideo Movies 2013 Movies 2012 Movies before 2012 TV Dramas United States of America Korea Japan China ,..

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dragon nest sea smasher skill build dragon nest gaid smasher 50 Dragon Nest Smasher Skill Build Lvl 60 Pvp, Damage 60 Defense Armor 096 Other Lunar Knight Build SKill LVL 60 Pure PVE/PVP DN INA Here is a pve build guide for Smasher in Dragon Nest written by Vaahneon of A skill accessory is a must have for this, but no need if, Skill Build for ...

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Guide & Skill Build Smasher Level 90 Dragon Nest Unknown 8:07 PM Force User Smasher Sorceress , Despite that, it still has the potential of DPS Laser Cutter The Smasher (if Full Hit: P) Build PVP Wheeling Staff This skill can be used to attack the enemy I usually I like this combo, Time Stop - Laser Cutter - Wheeling Staff..

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Why not get Sonic Blade or Impact Smasher? Sonic blade is an awesome move to use if you predict a roll, or to catch from a distance, and Impact Smasher is a stun that gives you super armor for the duration of the attack, for only 50 mana If you're going to get one of these, I'd recommend Impact Smasher for the sheer utility..

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Aug 21, 2017· This video is unavailable Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue..

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Best Level 70 Smasher Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4] Best Level 70 Smasher Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4] Best Level 70 Smasher Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4] If Majesty is said to be great in team plays and good at PVP then her counterpart, the Smasher, is extremely efficient in PVP and a reliable class in PVE Get More..

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This would be my example of a Smasher build It's up to you how you want to spend your points to get to 45 But the better options would be to invest in Poison Missile, Void Explosion or Shockwave Now this build doesn't have points in Class Mastery III and [Awakened Passive] Laser Cutter because it's debatable whether or not it's better to ...

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Archive:W/any Enraged Smasher From PvXwiki , (UTC), for the following reason: Enraged Smash recharge increased to 10 for PvP; This build had been designed for the following use: PvP RA; PvP FA; PvP JQ; PvP AB; PvP GvG; This build was in the category great before being archived Contents 1 Attributes and Skills; 2 Equipment;..

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Eraser Lv2 : yaa ini ulti dari job smasher, ulti yang dapat mengurangi 75% magic damage dan physic damage Smasher Arcane Lv2 : merupakan skill buff dengan menambahkan 16% magical damage dengan durasi 180 detik namun skil ini sangat boros mp, jadi pandai pandailah menggunakan skill ini..


Hello! Welcome to the channel I'm taking this thing in a new direction since the Dragon Nest updates have disappointed me so far When Black Mara comes to N...

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Oct 16, 2018· Laser Fracture Ex Skill - Smasher Lvl 80 Build Skill DNM Sea Ladder (PVP) , SMASHER LVL 60 (PvP) W/ 2 UNIQUE SET OF SKILLS - DRAGON NEST M - Duration: 18:02 RamDom Plays 9,307 views 18:02..

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Demon's Souls for PlayStation 3 » Character Builds » Dragon Bone Smasher PvEvP , This simple tactic could kick big @ss in PvP also due to the speed of the 2nd atk and then quick roll away to make sure you aren't easily hit Second Chance is also a great help, espicially in NG+ and PvP, as enemies clearly become several times stronger and ...

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Sep 02, 2014· Destiny Clan for those who care to join: bungie/en/Clan/Detail/144529 If you want to support this channel and this series specifically, then d...

Dragon Nest SEA : Level 95 Smasher Pro

Jan 07, 2018· 25 Upcoming PC Strategy Games in 2020 & 2021 New RTS, Turn-based, 4X & Real-time Tactics! - Duration: 25:49 GamerZakh Recommended for you..

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The build is probably best as Templar, but I like pants Witch start is possible, but requires a lot of regrets Any skill you choose until you can buy / beg / borrow / steal a best smasher skill build longriver cDN T4 PvE/PvP Smasher Skill Build by Azure It's the best and 2nd best DPS skill for smasher and the best DPS skill for majesty..

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Hi, I am attempting to construct a spreadsheet that contains all the classes and their skill builds/guides/videos to help/educate anyone that has questions about a particular class, since there are too many threads consisting of "x class build/guide please"..

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It is a fairly good pve build, yes, since the damage isn't bad and 5-1 stage is less of a head ache due to the in built regen since a faith build will have a magic damage weapon plus a spear you can poke with behind a shield there are advantages there as well A mage or a bow/dex user is probably the best pve build ,..