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Pacific War

In the early hours of 7 December (Hawaiian time), Japan launched a major surprise carrier-based air strike on Pearl Harbor in Honolulu without explicit warning, which crippled the US Pacific Fleet, left eight American battleships out of action, 188 American aircraft destroyed, and caused the deaths of ,..

List of air groups of the Imperial Japanese Navy

Kingendaishi Hensankai, Military history of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Groups and Imperial Japanese Army Flying Regiments, 2001, ISBN 4-404-02945-4 Rekishi Dokuhon , Document of the war No 52 Naval Air Group and Kamikaze , 2001, ISBN 4-404-02757-5..

Chapter I: Operation Iceberg

Source: Commander Task Force 51, Commander Amphibious Forces, U S Pacific Fleet, Report on Okinawa Gunto Operations from February 17 May to 17 May 1945, Part 1, pp 2-4; Tenth Army Action Report Ryukyus, 26 March to 30 June 1945, Ch 2; Commander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas, Operation in the pacific Ocean Areas, April ...

Naval History

Naval History By LPO McStravick 13 Oct 1775 The Continental Congress authorized the outfitting of a ten-gun warship Marking the beginning of the Continental Navy 3 Dec 1775 Lt John Paul Jones first XO of a man-of-war of the Continental Navy 3-4 Mar 1776 Commodore Esek Hopkins lead a Continental squadron defeating the British at Nassau in the Bahamas..

USS Bolster (ARS

USS Bolster (ARS-38) was a Bolster-class rescue and salvage ship acquired by the US Navy during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam WarHer task was to come to the aid of stricken vessels Bolster was launched 23 December 1944 by Basalt Rock Company in Napa, California; sponsored by Mrs C A Mayo, Jr, wife of Lieutenant Mayo, USNR; commissioned 1 May 1945, Lieutenant W F ,..

USS Bolster (ARS

USS Bolster (ARS-38) was a Bolster-class rescue and salvage ship acquired by the US Navy during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War Her task was to come to the aid of stricken vessels Bolster was launched 23 December 1944 by Basalt Rock Company in Napa, California; sponsored by...

Chapter II

Chapter II Routing, Reporting and Control of Independents since 7 December 1941 A THE WAR BEGINS It can be seen from Chapter I, D that the organization of independent ship control was progressing slowly prior to 7 December 1941, but with the country explosively awakened to a precarious situation, and with our substantial ocean-going merchant fleet of some 8,500,000 gross tons further ,..

United States Indo

United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) is a unified combatant command of the United States Armed Forces responsible for the Indo-Pacific regionIt is the oldest and largest of the unified combatant commands Its commander, the senior US military officer in the Pacific, is responsible for military operations in an area which encompasses more than 100 million square miles ...

The Pacific Theater in pictures, 1942

Aug 23, 2017· The Pacific Theater in pictures, 1942-1945 Four Japanese transports, hit by both US surface vessels and aircraft, beached and burning at Tassafaronga, west of positions on Guadalcanal, on November 16, 1942..

Iwo Jima Naval Gunfire Support

IWO JIMA NAVAL GUNFIRE SUPPORT I PLANNING A GENERAL 1 In planing Naval Gunfire support for the attack on Ivo Jima, emphasis was laid on combining and applying the techniques developed in earlier bombardment of small atolls with those developed during the bombardment of the MARIANAS, where terrain features dictated many special measures in control of fire..

List of United States Navy aircraft wings

This is a list of United States Navy aircraft wings The US Navy operates different types of aircraft wings , US Pacific Fleet: STRKFIGHTWINGPAC , CVG-84 Established 1 May 1944, disestablished 8 Oct 1945 CVG-85 Established 15 May 1944, disestablished 27 Sep 1945 CVG-86 Established 15 Jun 1944, disestablished 21 Nov 1945..


commander task force fifty-one »mmander amphibious forces us pacific fleet operation plan no a25-44 a, prevent into enemy hands ture or lo, ship is imminent thfs plai\ be destroyed in its entirety..

USS Alderamin

USS Alderamin (AK-116) was a Crater-class cargo ship commissioned by the US Navy for service in World War II, named after Alderamin, the alpha star in constellation CepheusShe was responsible for delivering troops, goods and equipment to locations in the war zone..

How big was the US pacific fleet in 1945?

Apr 15, 2016· Huge For modern "fast" battleships, it had the 4 of the Iowa class, 2 of the Washington/North Carolina class, and the 4 of the South Dakota class, and it also had for different purposes somewhat modernized older battleships, including the Pennsy...

Pacific Ocean Areas

Pacific Ocean Areas was a major Allied military command in the Pacific Ocean theater of World War IIIt was one of four major Allied commands during the Pacific War, and one of three United States commands in the Asiatic-Pacific TheaterAdmiral Chester W Nimitz of the US Navy, Commander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet, headed the command throughout its existence..

Commander, US Pacific Fleet

Commander, US Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT), is the title of the United States Navy officer who commands the United States Pacific FleetOriginally established in 1907 as a two-star rear admiral's billet, the position has been held by a four-star admiral since March 19, 1915 As of May 17, 2018, the 63rd and current Commander, US Pacific Fleet is Admiral John C Aquilino..

United States Pacific Fleet

Post-1945 The Pacific Fleet took part in Operation Magic Carpet, the return of US servicemen, after the end of the Second World War The organization of the Pacific Fleet in January 1947 is shown in Hal M Friedman's Arguing over the American Lake: Bureaucracy and Rivalry in the US Pacific, 1945-1947..


1 May 1944 in compliance with Commander in Chief, U S Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas Operation Plan 3-44 of 23 April 1944 Its mission, as established by directives from higher headquarters was, with forces mounted in the HAWrAIIAN Islands, SOLOMlON Islands, and on the west coast of the United States, and as a task force of..

Official US Navy website

Fleet Admiral William F Halsey William Frederick Halsey, Jr, was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on October 30, 1882, the son of the late Captain William F Halsey, U S Navy As a Navy junior, he made the usual round of schools prior to his appointment to the Naval Academy..


Commander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean" Areas Distribution Lint Joint Staff Study, ICEBERG Operation (a) Subject Staff Study, CinCPOA ser 000131 of 25 October 1944-(A) Paragraph 2 k, of Appendix E to subject study - "Military Government" ' (B) Paragraph 5 d, of Appendix E to subject study - "Cars of Civilians" ~~..

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PACIFIC FLEET and NAVAL SHORE ACTIVITIES, Pacific Ocean Areas Subject: Camouflage Painting of Ships of the Active and Reserve Fleets Reference: (a) PacFlt Conf Ltr 5CL-45 (b) Submarine Concealment Camouflage - NavShips 250-631 of 1 August 1945 (c) Appendix 6 to the Specifications for Building Vessels of the US Navy (c) BuShips ltr..